Panama Elida Reserve Sold Out January 06 2012

The Panama Elida washed process coffee was truly a marvelous coffee and its 95 point Coffee Review score made it move very briskly. I wish that I could savor it forever more. The good thing is that coffees come and go and that there is always a possibilty of having something even more phenomenal in the future. So lets say goodbye to the goodness that was Panama Elida Estate Washed and all of its cranberry, hibiscus, melon, nightflower, sweet and tart crispness and look at some our other offerings that are also truly special.

If you loved the Panama Elida Reserve. Here are my top other favorite coffees right now that will also knock your socks off!

5. El Salvador Nombre de Dios

4. Panama Elida Natural and Panama Elida Natural Single Origin Espresso

3. Honey Pot Espresso (Panama Elida Honey Single Origin)

2. Kenya Gethumbwini (limited)

1. Kenya Gichatha-ini (very limited)