Bear Claus Holiday Blend **NEW**


Story:                 Who is that up on the rooftop, making a racket? Oh it's you, because you've been drinking too much coffee. It's ok, that's what the holidays are for, right? This 50/50 blend of Colombia and Kenya will put you in the spirit for scarves, gift-giving and reindeer, and make you forget all about the soul-sucking dirge of the endless winter outside. Cheers and happy holidays from team Kuma! 

Region:              Narino, Colombia & Nyeri, Kenya

Varietal:             Caturra, Colombia, SL-28, SL-34

Elevation:          1900+ Meters

Farmer:              Small Producers of Colombia and Othaya Society members

Process:            Washed

Notes:               Chocolate, Fig, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Spiced Cake.

Harvest:             July & January 2017

Contents:          12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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