Colombia Diamantina


Story:             Every August we set out to Colombia to work with our friends at Azahar to find the best microlots from the May-August growing period. Its a complicated process that starts with thousands of samples and by the time we are finished we walk away with the best 10-12 lots. Huila coffee in particular had a very strong showing the year in the cupping table. Our first Colombian coffee of the year is from the municipality of Iquila in Southern Huila. This coffee has a strong panela (Condensed raw Colombian sugar) backbone and beautiful summer fruit reminiscent of watermelon and strawberry and a lovely zip of ginger in the finish. 

Region:           Huila

Varietal:          Castillo

Elevation:        1790 Meters

Farmer:           Jose Joaquin Uruena

Process:         Washed

Notes:             Strawberry, Panela, Watermelon, Ginger

Harvest:          July 2017

Package:        12oz whole bean coffee

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