Honduras Leonel Erazo **NEW**


Story:                For a second year in a row we've purchased small producer Leonel Erazos entire harvest with help from our friend Benjamin from San Vicente mill. Leonel's entire production clocks in at only 5 bags. The first thing you'll notice is a weighted, lush body with sweetness much like European drinking chocolate thanks to the 100% pacas makeup. There's a beautiful juiciness to this coffee that reminds us of fresh summer fruits like watermelon and strawberries. And at the end a beautiful floral component like hibiscus lingers on the tongue.

Region:             Santa Barbara

Varietal:             Pacas

Elevation:          1600 Meters

Farmer:             Leonel Erazo

Process:           Washed

Notes:               Watermelon, Strawberry, Rich Chocolate, Hibiscus

Harvest:            April 2017

Package:          12oz whole bean coffee


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