Ethiopia Chelelektu


Story:         Our third 2017 New Crop Ethiopian release is the Chelelektu from the Gedeo zone of Yirgacheffe. The Chelelektu washing station has perennially put out some of the more classically delicious Yirgacheffe profiles we've enjoyed. There are high elements of sweetness in this coffee that remind us of canned peach syrup and pulpy ripe raspberries. All this sweetness is anchored by a delicious dark chocolate backbone and a rich body. This coffee is fantastic for both filter brews and espresso. Fruits for all!

Region:       Yirgacheffe

Varietal:       Heirloom

Elevation:    1800-2050 Meters

Farmer:        Small Producers

Process:      Washed

Notes:          Peach, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Meyer Lemon

Harvest:       January 2017

Contents:     12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee



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