Kenya Gachatha AB


Story:                  In late January 2017, while traveling upcountry in Nyeri County we stopped in at the Central Kenya Coffee Mill to see if any standout lots were passing through the mill before they made it to marketing agents in Nairobi. I distinctly remember the third cup on the cupping table stopped me dead in my tracks. Just the aroma alone smelled like a candy factory churning out sweet fruit confections. As I reached my spoon back from the cup of coffee an assortment of fruits and florals sprayed across my tongue that I've truly never experienced in my life. This cup was clearly a different animal. Its the kind of cup that coffee buyers such as ourselves spend a decade or lifetime in search of. With great joy I am pleased to offer this coffee to you and hope that you'll share in the same childlike amazement of the quality of this cup and fruit forward intensity like few other cups on this earth.

Region:                Nyeri

Varietal:               SL28 & SL34 

Elevation:            1750-1900 Meters  

Farmer:               Small Producers

Process:              Washed

Notes:                 Cherry Candy, Watermelon, Currant, Jasmine

Harvest:              January 2017

Contents:            12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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