Kenya Kiandu AA **NEW**


Story:                  We are winding down to our last three Kenyan microlots of this year as we anticipate our new Kenyan microlots in house this May. As we often do, we've saved some of the best for last. The Kiandu has some very nice acidity that reminds us of sun ripened raspberries and piquant fresh red currants. There is a very nice Darjeeling Tea like body and very structured tannins throughout. Finally, there is a nice red wine finish in the cup. Another A-game Kenyan from Kuma (and our friends at Dormans and all the wonderful small producers at Kiandu factory.)

Region:                Nyeri

Varietal:               SL28 & SL34 AA

Elevation:            1600-1700 Meters  

Farmer:               Mutheka Society

Process:              Washed

Notes:                 Raspberry Jam, Currants, Darjeeling Tea, Red Wine

Harvest:              January 2017

Contents:            12oz bag. Whole Bean Coffee

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